Mediterranean Tuna Salad

Makes 4-6 servings (about 5 cups)


 3 (5 ounce) cans tuna in water, drained
 1 cup carrot, diced or grated (about 2 medium carrots)
 2 cups cucumber, diced
 1 1/2 cups peas, canned or frozen (thaw before using)
 3/4 cup low-fat Italian salad dressing


  1. Place drained tuna in a medium bowl. Use a fork to
    break apart chunks of tuna.
  2. Add carrot, cucumber, peas and salad dressing. Mix well.
  3. Serve immediately or make ahead. Cover and refrigerate
    until ready to serve.
  4. This can be served over greens or in a wrap.

Recipe from: Food Hero

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