What is the MARC?

The Mid-Atlantic Regional Cooperative (MARC) is a member-led regional produce cooperative of Feeding America Food Banks serving the Mid-Atlantic Region from Maine to Virginia.

The MARC provides solutions to farmers, wholesalers, and importers by offering an outlet for surplus product and distributing that excess to food banks throughout the region. This enables food banks to receive anywhere from 5-10 different commodities per load—enhancing the variety and value to their clients and allowing food banks a more dependable and efficient supply. The MARC can solve your excess production and inventory problems, while you help us ensure that more fresh produce gets into the homes of families facing hunger.

How Does it Work?

Food banks are shifting to offering more nutritious food, but warehouse space to accept large volumes of produce is limited — this is where the MARC comes in. We can absorb large quantities of produce from farmers, shippers and wholesalers, consolidate it at a single shipping point, and coordinate the logistics to distribute that food to those in need.

What are the Benefits?

Working with the MARC can keep your packing line running and your cooler from getting overfilled. We distribute almost any commodity and pack from our central location at the Philadelphia Wholesale Produce Market. Save money on dumping charges, reduce waste, protect your markets from getting saturated and help hungry people in your region. Get in touch and see how the MARC can work for you!

On average, the MARC distributes 7.2 million pounds of produce monthly.

Delivery Options:

We coordinate and schedule deliveries direct to your food bank, agencies and distribution sites from a few pallets to multiple truckloads.

Bulk Loads:

  • 5-7 or more produce items
  • Seasonal variety

MARC Boxes:

  • 20 pounds
  • 5-6+ Food Bank grade items
  • Perfect for same day distribution

Premium Boxes:

  • 10 & 20 pounds
  • 5-6+ Premium Grade items
  • Extended shelf life

Contact Beth Hamilton, Interim Executive Director, Mid-Atlantic Regional Cooperative

Address: 6700 Essington Ave, Suite J-216 Philadelphia, PA 19153

Direct: (717)257-9857

Mobile: (717)841-5451

E-Mail: bhamilton@feedingpa.org