Onions, onions, onions!

We often use onions to add flavor to our favorite dishes.  And they smell great sautéing with garlic! However, onions also add some nutrition to our meals.  Onions are good sources of Vitamin C, B vitamins including folate and B6 and fiber.

There are several varieties of onions typically designated by color:  yellow, white and red.  Certain varieties of sweeter onions get their own category-sweet onions.  Yellow onions are the general/all-purpose onions.  Yellow onions hold up well in dishes that have a long cook time (soups/stews/roasts).  White and red onions are often eaten raw.  Red onions can also be pickled to enjoy as a side.  Sweet onions are used when the onion is the main ingredient in a dish or used when caramelizing onions.  All the varieties will work for the different uses, but this is where they are best.


Have more onions than you know what to do with?

Check out this pickled onion recipe from PA Eats


Pickled onions can be added to any salad or sandwich for some extra flavor.




Looking for another way to use pickled onions?

Sesame Peanut Noodles with Pickled Onions should do the trick!


Pickled onions not to your taste?  Or you still have more onions to use?

                               How about caramelized onions for a delicious addition to any dish?  Sounds fancy but easy to do!