PA Agriculture Spotlight: Main Street Milk

Rich Perkoski operates Main Street Milk based in Somerset, PA. In late 2023, Main Street Milk started working with the Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank to supply local ground beef for charitable distribution in southwest Pennsylvania. Perkoski shared, “As cows in our herd reached the point of being culled, we started looking for a solution, an outlet where we could utilize the animal and still help our business. Our work with Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank has been rewarding because we’re not only supporting our business, but we’re also supplying our neighbors in Allegheny County communities with high-quality ground meat.”

Jane Olszewski, Manager of Procurement & Planning at the Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank, reflected, “We’ve seen an increased need for halal-certified foods in our community. Halal meat can be especially expensive, so when Main Street Milk reached out with their offer of beef and let us know that MRG Food LLC (a halal processor based in McKeesport) could do the processing and packing, it was a great opportunity to get a highly desirable item at a much lower price point than we could get elsewhere.  We love when we’re able to support a local producer while serving our neighbors better.”

Main Street Milk’s work with the food bank has helped to reduce potential food waste and serve others in their community. “I’d recommend other farms and producers to get involved with their regional food bank,” reflected Perkoski. “Our relationship with Greater Pittsburgh has gone really well so far, and it’s great that they have access to funding which is to be used for food products exclusively from Pennsylvania farms and producers. Their work supports the local economy and gets fresh, local foods to those who need it most.”

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