PA Agriculture Spotlight: Moin Halal

Moin Halal is a family-owned business located in Central Pennsylvania focused on producing and processing quality halal meat while conforming to Islamic standards. Saad Ali, owner of Moin Halal, has built the company’s relationship with the Commonwealth’s charitable food system over the past three years, working with food banks in all corners of the state.

“It’s been awesome working with the food banks. Our work together supports the entire supply chain. When we have more business, local producers and processors, like Moin, in the livestock market all stand to benefit,” said Ali. “We have been building our relationship with our food bank partners, and now we work together to plan ahead for needs and purchases. It’s great working with the food banks to help meet their need for Halal products to serve our neighbors.”

Philabundance, which serves southeast Pennsylvania, has been working with Moin Halal to source ground beef, but recently received their first order of goat and lamb meat. The food bank had surveyed their neighbors to learn about demand for these culturally relevant items through Philabundance’s work on Feeding PA’s Health Equity Food Sourcing Task Force, which aims to increase knowledge and communication on the importance of cultural inclusivity. The taskforce was started through the Building Resilient Inclusive Communities Funding from theNational Association of Chronic Disease Directors in partnership with the Pennsylvania Department of Health.

“We look forward to continuing our relationship with the food banks in Pennsylvania. Our work together has helped Moin improve our packaging and add machinery, and we hope to work together to introduce new halal meat products,” said Ali. “We’ve received positive feedback from some neighbors who have received our products from a food bank. It’s motivating, and great knowing you’ve helped provide a product that has helped meet the needs of a local family.”

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