Country Foods / Backpack Yogurt LLC

Country Foods LLC has been a loyal partner to the Pennsylvania food bank network. They started working on USDA Farmers to Family food boxes and later packed Pennsylvania mixed dairy boxes for our CARES-PASS program. Country Foods is now working on their new, shelf-stable Backpack Yogurt cups, which are nutritious and easier to transport and store. Their innovative approach to dairy products has strengthened their relationship with the charitable food network.   

Mr. Baysal, CEO of Country Foods, stated “We could not be more thankful for the opportunities the PASS program has presented us. Due to this program, we were able to directly purchase high quality milk from struggling small PA based dairy farmers and turn it into nutritious, probiotic rich yogurt for our community.  This program was vital for helping our family-owned, up-and-coming business navigate these troubling times and we look forward continuing to work with this essential program.”

For more information on how to get involved, please contact Tom Mainzer at or call 717-257-9850.

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