Statewide Organizational Sign-on Letter

Feeding Pennsylvania promotes and aids our member food banks in securing food and other resources to reduce hunger and food insecurity in their communities and across Pennsylvania.

Feeding Pennsylvania, its member food banks, and statewide partners are working hard to make sure the next Farm Bill strengthens the nation’s nutrition programs. Our efforts will be more effective if we can show members of Congress that a large number of diverse partners across Pennsylvania care about these programs.  Please join us by signing on to a statewide letter asking Pennsylvania’s members of Congress to pass a strong Farm Bill that protects and strengthens federal food assistance programs.

It’s easy to help. Simply read a copy of the letter [Download the Farm Bill final letter (PDF)] and if you agree with it, fill out the form below and click submit.  We will add your name and organization to the final letter. A copy of the letter will be delivered to each Representative and Senator in Pennsylvania’s congressional delegation.

You are part of the solution to ending hunger in Pennsylvania. Thank you for helping us work toward a day when no Pennsylvanian has to worry when or where they can find their next meal.