How To Cut a Mango

Serves: 1 


 1 mango
 Cutting board
 Sharp knife
 Spoon (optional)


  1. Cut thin slice from bottom end of mango so that it sits flat on counter. 
  2. Cut down along center of mango, cutting against side of flat pit to remove cheek of mango. Repeat with other cheek. 
  3. Holding mango cheek firmly in place with opposite hand. Cut, peel side down, lengthwise and crosswise slices into flesh, without cutting through peel. Repeat with other cheek. 
  4. Hold mango cheek firmly in place with opposite hand. Using a spoon, scoop cube segments out from peel (alternatively Invert mango cheek and cut away cube segments from peel). Repeat with other cheek.
  5. Trim any remaining flesh from pit. Cut, facing peel side down, and remove flesh.

Tip: To freeze mango slices, space out on baking sheet and freeze until fully hardened. Place into freezer bags and store for up to a year! 

Tip: Freeze mango cubes to create smoothies.

Watch the Recipe Video Here!