Learn more about SNAP and the impact of potential cuts to the program on PA families, farmers, food banks, and grocers.

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Hunger hits every community throughout Pennsylvania and across America. One out of eight Pennsylvanians may not be sure where their next meal will come from. Help us make sure food banks and the government continue to provide support to people in need of food assistance in your community.

Here are three ways you can help.

Email or call to ask them to support a Farm Bill that protects SNAP (food stamps), provides adequate funding for The Emergency Food Assistance Program (TEFAP), and creates a national Farm to Food Bank program.

Do you represent an organization or business? Join us in calling on members of Congress to pass a Farm Bill that reduces food waste and protects and strengthens nutrition assistance programs.

Every Pennsylvanian is represented by the same two senators. Ask them to support a strong Farm Bill by sharing these messages on social media.