Kolb’s Farm Store

The Share Food Program has partnered with Kolb’s Farm Store to utilize their PASS funds to provide local milk and eggs for neighbors in their community. Their partnership allows the Share Food Program to support local vendors and producers in Montgomery County.

Sally Kolb with Kolb’s Farm Store stated, We feel blessed to have worked for the past few years providing milk and eggs to Pottstown Cluster of Religious Communities through the Share Food Program. This winter weather has certainly thrown challenges in everyone’s path, but the dedicated staff and volunteers at Pottstown and Share have always managed to figure out a way to keep the “supply chain” going!  We are happy to be just a small part of providing for those in need in our area – America’s farmers have so much to offer and we are thankful that a logistical pipeline exists to get those products out to where all of our population can benefit nutritionally and enjoy!” 

For more information on how to get involved, please contact Tom Mainzer at tmainzer@feedingpa.org or call 717-257-9850.

Learn More at: https://feedingpa.org/agricultural-partnerships/